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Schriftzug "The Guide 'Study and Research on Sustainability'"


Until this data bank was completed there was no systematic guide devoted to sustainability in the academic field either in the publications market or on the Internet. This is true both for courses and the description of the relevant research institutions.

Anyone who wished to take up a full-time university course, a part of their course or a follow-up course in Germany which involved sustainability could only access the rudimentary information available with difficulty. There was also an information deficit with regard to the activities of the relevant research institutions.

This was a grave deficit, as Germany internationally enjoys a prominent place with its activities in the field of the sciences of sustainability, with sustainability, environmenttal technology and environmental research being seen as promising sectors for Germany's future as an industrial nation.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)commissioned the Future Institute (Institut Futur) of the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Berlin to compile a guide, "Study and Research on Sustainability", in conjunction with the Association for the Promotion of Ecology in Education (Verein zur Förderung der Ökologie im Bildungsbereich e.V.). The aim of The Guide is firstly to list, systematically describe and structure all the possibilities for studying sustainability at German institutions. The Guide's second aim is to list and describe the relevant research institutions with their research profiles. This is particularly true of state-funded institutions and other selected research institutes.

This publication is intended to provide comprehensive information for prospective students, for researchers, advisers and universities and research institutions active in the field of sustainability.

In addition to this data bank The Guide "Study and Research on Sustainability" is also published in a modified form as a book (with attached CD-Rom) by the W. Bertelsmann publishing company, thereby providing an update to the "Course Guide to Environmental Studies" which first appeared in 1999 as part of the University Paperbacks series (Universitätstaschenbücher, UTB) and is now out of print.

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