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Schriftzug "The Guide 'Study and Research on Sustainability'"

The Guide "Study and Research on Sustainability"

The Guide "Study and Research on Sustainability" provides you with a survey of university courses and research institutions in Germany which is both up to date and comprehensive.

The Guide outlines more than 300 courses in the context of sustainable development. It gives information not only on the contents of courses and future job prospects but also course requirements and contact details.

It also lists 130 university research institutions and just under 60 non-university research institutions engaged in research based on the sustainable development model. In addition to their research focus, facilities and contact information, future developments at these institutions and facilities for work placements or internships are outlined.

The Guide is aimed both at people looking for a university place or work placement and advisers or researchers. It provides a comprehensive overview of key fields of study and research in Germany to universities and research institutions active in the field of sustainability.

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