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Schriftzug "The guide 'Study and Research on Sustainability'"

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To help you in this, the German version of the guide "Study and Research on Sustainability", "Studium und Forschung zur Nachhaltigkeit", has been available in a print version since October 2007. On more than 530 pages of detailed text you will find all the descriptions of courses and research institutions involved in sustainability. It also includes a CD-Rom with the data bank offered on this website. As a special feature it also contains a list with over 600 university research institutions.

Studium und Forschung zur Nachhaltigkeit ("Study and Research on Sustainability")

Editor: Gerhard de Haan
Editorial staff: Ralf Bünemann, Heidi Consentius, Katharina Giesel, Diana Grundmann, Gerhard de Haan, Jonas Kassner, Sven Kluge
Publisher: W. Bertelsmann Verlag
Date of publication: October 2007
Number of pages: 528
Retail price: €19,90
Other features: includes CD-ROM
ISBN: 978-3-7639-3564-2

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